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Cone Denim

On a day like today, I thought I would talk about another American institution I adore… Cone Denim. If you are like me, you live in your favorite pair of jeans and have every possible silhouette and wash folded in your closet. In addition, you have a huge amount of respect for the brands/ companies that have been around forever, and yet continue to stay relevant and in demand. Cone is a prime example of this.

Originally created in 1891, Cone Denim continues to “master the science of denim” through it’s fabrications, styling, and manufacturing innovation. Yes, they have the technology, knowledge, and capability to produce the perfect premium denim- but their vintage shuttle looms continue to captivate customers (like me) to this day.

One of their plants is located in North Carolina and it is called White Oak. Per the company's website, the first bobbin of yarn was produced there in 1905- which is just a cool, fun fact that I wanted to share with you. White Oak actually holds a special place in my heart, as I partnered with them on a project when I worked at Ralph Lauren. We did a limited edition selvedge box (only 100 jeans were made) with unique preppy detailing that made it specific to us. There was a classic blue/ white oxford cloth lining and a collegiate silk necktie trim that gave it that "Rugby" aesthetic. I actually still have one of the limited edition boxes from my office that I will never get rid of!

So if you haven't heard of Cone or partnered with them yet- please take a minute to check out the link to their website above. I also borrowed some of their imagery below just to officially get you inspired...

Lastly, to the team at Cone Denim, know that I am nothing but a fan. Similar to you, I have a passion for this industry, and nothing but appreciation for the service and quality you continue to provide us each day. I hope that this retail love story of mine reaches many, as you are a piece of history I want around forever. I look forward to one day visiting your facility (yes, it's on my bucket list) and until then I wish you the very best, always.

Photography: Merchant Inspired, LLC (1) and Cone Denim (2-6)

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