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  • What can readers expect from the Merchant Inspired Blog on a weekly basis?
    It's everything and anything retail related. I'm introducing you to the brands I adore, their history, and what I love most about their assortment, strategy and mission. I dive into current industry news, collaborations, and where I think certain companies are headed. There's also a ton of motivation and some career advice baked within. I am trying to utilize fifteen years of experience to encourage others- whether it’s through merchandising or their own business ventures. At the end of the day, it’s retail story telling with tons of heart and gratitude.
  • What retailers should we expect to see?
    I am definitely a bit more old-school and tend to get excited by the vintage brands who continue to remain relevant: Levi’s, Converse, and OshKosh for example. But there is also something so incredibly special about the “makers” – the small business owners who are building a brand and finding their place within the industry. So if I am being honest, it’s a bit of everything – from Starbucks and Under Armour to Etsy shop owners and fellow entrepreneurs. If the product, talent, or story of the brand is noteworthy I want readers to know about it.
  • Why take on such a broad topic? Why not just focus on fashion?
    Trust me, I have thought about that! Being a bit narrower would probably increase my following significantly, but this is who I am. I don’t yet want to be put in a box and lose the freedom to talk about everything the industry has to offer. I've been incredibly fortunate to work across several categories in fashion, but I truly enjoy researching those I'm not as familiar with. Retail is constantly changing and evolving- and in order to be successful within it you have to keep learning and growing. The blog allows me to do just that. Trust me- I do not want to alienate anyone in the process, but the one advantage of putting yourself out there is doing what YOU love to do. And for me, having the freedom to talk about Crayola, Carolina Herrera, and Cone Denim all in one week is perfection. It keeps it interesting and you will never be bored.
  • Why not cater your content to creatives and shop owners, knowing your consulting services are offered on the website? "
    Right from the beginning I wanted to keep it semi-separate. I speak to the fact that I am a strategist / consultant in certain posts when it’s relevant, but I never wanted the blog to be a promotional vehicle. It was always meant to be a source of inspiration and encouragement – no matter how many followers I had. I know it sounds crazy but the blog is a true passion project. It’s me stepping away from my responsibilities and telling you about this amazing world called retail that I am fortunate to be a part of. My goal was to showcase the talent (first and foremost) and provide support to anyone who loved this industry as much as I do - without interrupting their day with an ad or promotion. It may not be a winning strategy for most, but all of my clients have contacted me due to the passion I exude in my writing. So here’s hoping I am on to something…
  • How many times a week are you writing?
    It definitely varies based on my client workload. My goal at the moment is to publish at least one blog article per week, and at least four additional posts via social media. However, it all depends on the value. If I don’t have the right information or imagery to inspire readers, I will stay silent until I do.
  • What’s your end goal with the blog?
    One that initially comes to mind is travel. The ability to interview those I admire (and photograph their work in person) would be a dream come true. There’s still so much to learn, so much history, and so much talent - experiencing it first hand would be incredible.
  • Why the name Merchant Inspired?
    It’s exactly who I am as a person (mom, wife, merchant, repeat). I have been working in retail since I was a teenager and I have always been captivated by the industry. The product, the people, the process, and every aspect of a brand’s DNA is of interest to me. So when it came time to choose a name - Merchant Inspired felt the most authentic in terms of who I am within the retail world.
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