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If you are thinking about diving into the retail world or currently manage your own shop, I would love to help you. Anyone who studied business or worked in the industry has the ability to become a consultant - but the dedication, drive, and passion for what I do sets me apart.


Every session is one-on-one and catered to what will make you most successful. My goal is to provide you with honest feedback and impactful, strategic direction - without breaking the bank. Whether it’s honing in on your brand vision, analyzing current sales trends, finalizing your assortment, or updating your resume – I am here to help with what you need most.


Please review the options below and feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brand Strategy

Additional Services

Providing comprehensive and insightful information to business owners based on 15+ years of industry experience. Strengthening your product offering, streamlining communication, and increasing profitability are the key priorities.    


The below services are offered separately or can be combined depending on your budget. Once I am clear on the scope of the research and the level of detail required, a proposal is presented.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Concept Evaluation

  • Brand Positioning

  • Consumer Trends

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Category + Assortment Strategy

  • SKU Rationalization

  • Inventory Forecasting  

  • Sales / Profitability Assessment

  • Promotion + Markdown Optimization

  • Social Media Management 

  • Growth Strategy

Below are just some of the questions I can help answer:   


What does the current market and target demographic look like? 


How are consumers reacting to the existing business model? 


Is your brand positioned correctly when compared to the competition?


Which categories and / or skus should be expanded upon vs. phased out through promotion?


Is your brand identity consistent and recognizable across all channels of communication? 


What is the right strategy to increase profits and customer loyalty?

Mini - Session $300

Want to meet for two hours and discuss your brand / business? Let’s do it! In order to prepare for the meeting, I will be reviewing your site, social media, assortment, and competition to ensure I can answer any concerns or questions you may have. Once we touch base in person or via phone, I will provide you with a written recap of all recommendations and next steps. PS: I do not include additional consulting services to that list (just not my thing). My goal is for you to walk away more confident and focused. Which means spending additional funds where you need it the most – branding, inventory, photography, marketing, etc. If that sounds good, let’s chat…  


Website Assessment $175

Whether you are concerned about your brands first impression or making that exciting transitioning from Etsy, I am here to ensure the experience and functionality stand out for customers. Initially, I will review the design, branding, and overall navigation of the site to ensure I can provide strategic direction as you move forward. From there we can touch base in-person or via phone to review, and I can answer any questions you may have. It’s an affordable way for you to get a professional opinion and some piece of mind as you move forward with your strategy.

Resume Refresh $150 

Within any industry, maintaining a professional and captivating one-page summary of your accomplishments can be challenging. So my goal is to help take that burden off your shoulders and provide you with a resume that speaks to your strengths and experience. Once I am clear on your career objectives (which can be discussed via phone or through email), an initial draft is sent within three business days. Clients then have 48 hours to review the document and can request up to two additional revisions / edits prior to the final version. Resumes are provided in both Word and PDF formatting. 

Job Function $150 

Due to an evolving retail environment, many students and current professionals are trying to figure out where they belong within the industry. To help narrow down the search, we review your career ambitions, the current roles that exist within retail, and how they intertwine. My goal is to provide you with specific direction and recommendations for your job search, resume, and cover letter. Allowing you to pursue a position within retail that will make you both happy and successful.

See what my clients have to say:
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