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History of Retail

As I gear up to launch the website on January 1st, I wanted to ensure some of my original ideas were written and published. One of them was the history of retail. And since you all know I am a huge fan of the past, today's post was a no-brainer. I am hoping that the "Cristina" version below keeps you engaged and allows you to learn something new about this amazing industry. Enjoy!

1734: Bennett's Hardware in Derby, England is founded- one of the first stores sited on record. 1852: Marshall Field's is established as a dry goods store in Chicago, IL. 1883: The first cash register is invented by James Ritty. 1895: OshKosh B'Gosh is established as a small town workwear manufacturer in OshKosh, WI. 1890-1920: Department store era (transitioning away from the mom-and-pop/ general stores). 1920: Charge cards and/or credit cards are first provided to customers as a convenience in order to avoid the bank. 1924: Macy's, in Herald Square, becomes the largest store in the world. 1929: Supermarkets emerge. 1937: Sylvan N. Goldman designs the first shopping cart. 1950's: Pedestrian malls begin to open in Seattle and Minnesota. 1962: Big box retail starts with Walmart, followed by Kmart and Target. 1967: Ralph Lauren Corporation launches with Men's ties. 1974: The first barcode UPC is scanned on a Wrigley's pack of gum. 1985: The Home Shopping Network launches on TV. 1994: Online sales began, with Pizza Hut taking the first order. 1995: Amazon is established. 2001: First ever Apple store. 2007: Facebook and social media impact marketing strategy through business page options. 2013: Omnichannel becomes everyone's favorite word. 2015: Shopping malls struggle to survive as several close throughout the country. 2016: M-commerce (mobile shopping) continues to climb in sales, making it the new platform priority for retailer's in 2017.

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