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Today I am trying something new. It's a mini pop quiz on one of the most iconic First Lady's in history, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Truth is I have always been a history buff and my superpower of choice has always been time travel. And if that dream were to ever come true, my first destination (of many) would be the 1950's and 1960's- an era that continues to captivate me to this day.

So in honor of the new biopic Jackie, which I can not wait to see, below are some fun facts you may or may not know about this beloved figure in American history. One that exuded grace, intelligence, poise, and a sense of style most of us dream of.

The below questions are definitely lighthearted compared to the Oscar buzzed drama opening tomorrow, but my hope is that you learn something new and smile along the way.

Please comment your answers below and yes, there is a prize for whoever has all ten correct first. Have some fun and try to avoid Google... Enjoy!

Where was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier born? a. Southhampton, New York b. New York, New York c. Greenwich, Connecticut

During her time at Vassar University, Jackie studied abroad in Paris. a. True b. False

What was Jackie’s initial job at the Washington- Times Herald? a. Reporter b. Photographer c. Receptionist

Where did Jackie and John F. Kennedy meet? a. Church b. Dinner party

c. Work function

What year did Jackie and John F. Kennedy get married? a. 1951 b. 1953 c. 1955

As First Lady, which contribution was Jackie most known for? a. Restoring the White House b. Championing the arts and literature c. Global fashion icon d. All of the above

Who was Jackie’s go-to designer at the time? a. Chanel b. Givenchy c. Cassini

Which 1960’s trend did Jackie not start as First Lady? a. Above the elbow gloves b. Collarless coats c. Sleeveless A-line dresses

What area of the White House is named in Jackie’s honor? a. East Garden b. East Room c. East Wing

In Jackie’s Fifth Avenue apartment, she had a basket of these by her front door… a. Keys b. Silk scarves c. Sunglasses

Photography: – Thank you for letting me borrow a true favorite by Hy Peskin.

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