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Texas Strong

I couldn’t be more grateful that my family and I are safe after all the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused this past week. However, just like every single one of my neighbors here in Houston, I am trying to figure out how I can help all those who were not as fortunate. So I decided to not only donate this morning but also put together a list of charities + shops who are trustworthy, reliable, and have nothing but love for those in our community.

Please take a look at the list / links below, as I know there are many articles and options circulating. My hope is that you come across one that speaks to you and your family.

Remember that every dollar counts, so even if it's a $10 text to the American Red Cross - you could be providing socks, baby wipes, or a meal to those who have lost everything.

A huge thank you to the first responders and thousands of volunteers who are coming together to help those in need. There is something truly special about the strength, pride, selflessness, and dedication we are seeing throughout the state of Texas.

If you have any questions or don’t know exactly what to send / donate, please feel free to reach out with questions. Sending nothing but love and gratitude to you on this Wednesday afternoon.


  • Ensuring all first responders are being provided meals, drinks, and supplies while they work tirelessly to help residents. A cause that is very much needed given the long hours and lack of trucks / vendors making it to the city right now.


Magnolia: Texas Forever Tee $26

Manready Mercantile: TX Coasters $22 + TX Key Tags $10

Blossom and Ink: Floral Texas Print $15

Simply Sarah: Texas Sign $40

May Designs: Texas Notebooks $15 - $25

The Giving Keys: Strength Key Necklace $42

Five Little Owls: Texas Strong Necklace $24

One Tiny Heart: Gather Sign $20

Carli’s Closet: Texas Strong Hat $19.95

Mugsby: Texas Strong Mug $14.99 - $16.99

Raine Hills: Sweet Home Texas Tees $25

Kristara Calligraphy: Houston Strong Tee $25

All The Wire: Texas Strong Cuff $40


  • Rescuing pets / providing shelter for all those families with animals who had to evacuate.

  • Providing meals, drinks, and supplies directly to flood victims.

  • An average of 91 cents of every dollar goes towards relief efforts, meals, and overnight stays for those effected by Hurricane Harvey.

  • You can also text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10.

  • Ensuring the children of Texas receive the medical care they need.

  • Houston Texan JJ Watt has raised $15M so far for the victims of Harvey and I am pretty sure this is just the beginning.


Photo: Magnolia Market

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