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JOANN: Handmade Happiness

JOANN, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer, has re-branded. So today we are diving into a bit of their history and how this impacts those who create “handmade happiness” on a daily basis. Let’s get started…

From what I have read, JOANN’s actually started out as an imported cheese store back in 1943. One day the German immigrant owners, the Reich’s and Rohrbach’s, decided to add fabric options within their shop- which ended up selling so well they opened a second location in Northeast Ohio. Due to the success of it’s fabric assortment, cheese was eventually discontinued and the store was re-named Cleveland Fabric Shop. Fast forward to 1969, the company becomes publicly traded, and the owners decided to combine their daughter’s names (Joan and Jacqueline Ann) to create Jo-Ann Fabrics.

The company significantly expanded over the next 40 years, investing in new categories such as décor, floral, and crafts as they opened new locations nationwide. They now have 865 stores across 49 states and continue to invest in e-commerce technology. Which leads me to today’s re-branding.

JOANN has always been a trusted destination for creative’s- whether it was their profession or just a hobby. But this week the fabric and craft retailer is celebrating it’s history and mission with a more modern feel and a new marketing campaign. The goal is to not only embrace the next generation of retail, but to evolve along with it- which I very much admire.

Jill Soltau, the president and CEO of JOANN, had the following message for the press and customers… “As we approach our 75th year in business, we are revitalizing the brand while celebrating our history and telling the story behind our core purpose. Because it isn’t only our story – it’s the story of each of our customers, and how they are finding their passions, inspiring others and creating lasting memories. It’s a unique honor to be a part of something that’s special to so many, and we are thrilled to celebrate the handmade legacies of past, present and future generations.”

With JOANN’s new mobile app, and the recent acquisition of Creativebug, the company is focused on one thing: enhancing their customers shopping experience. The app itself allows creatives to share their finished products, shop for supplies, redeem coupons, and get inspired along the way. Which means you now get to connect, engage, and collaborate not only with corporate, but other consumers who share that same passion. This also allows JOANN to move forward within the industry, while maintaining a bit of a competitive edge within their niche.

Please take a look at the new marketing campaign below and let me know your thoughts. I have a feeling you too will want to embrace the creativity inside you.

Wishing the team at JOANN nothing but the best. I was truly impressed with the words of your leadership team and the strides you are making as a company to stay true to your history, while remaining relevant in today’s marketplace. Here's to your loyal clientele embracing the changes while you inspire a new generation within the handmade movement.

Original Branding:

New Branding:

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