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Hammond ink Paper

The main reason I launched the MI blog was to showcase how amazing the retail industry is. Whether that is through the product, the shops, the talent, or the process behind it all. So today I am nothing but excited to introduce you to a talented friend of mine, Sara Hammond. She is the designer and entrepreneur behind Hammond ink Paper, a personalized stationary business on Etsy.

Her shop is filled with beautiful, bold colors and pattern that bring nothing but happiness to customers like myself. There are planners, notebooks, luggage tags (a favorite of mine), and customized notecards to choose from. So if you are looking to bring a bit of fun to your home office, kitchen, or little one’s backpack- you need to check out Sara’s Etsy shop.

My hope is that you take a few minutes to read about this “momepreneur” that I truly admire. Not just because she is a supportive and loyal friend of mine, but because she’s a dream-chaser and a talented designer. One who wants nothing more than to bring you and I stationary happiness through her creations.

A huge thank you to Sara for my first ever MI notecards. I couldn’t love my dusty pink / black distressed logo more, and it means the world that they came from you. Here’s to being loving moms, pursuing our passions, and making people smile…


What inspired you to launch your business in 2009?

I have always loved all kinds of paper products and lots of color. After I became a stay at home mom for the first time I was looking for a way to stay creative. I knew that I wanted to create something that others would enjoy too. I was introduced to ETSY, a handmade website, where I could sell stationery designed by me.

What sparked that initial creativity in you?

I have always been the creative type. I grew up taking dance lessons and I loved to make up dances in my living room. When I was young, you almost always find me with a crayon in my hand. I also really love art. Creating it, looking at it, learning about it. Art was always my favorite subject in school. Hammond ink Paper is another extension of my creative nature. When people buy an item from my shop, they also get a little piece of me too.

What’s the best part of your job?

When I design a new product or pattern and I get great feedback from people, it really makes my heart happy. I work somewhat odd hours, while the kids are sleeping or at school, and owning my own shop allows me to pick and choose when I can work and I get to be a mom and wife most of the time.

Favorite source or product?

Right now I'm loving the Jenna Sue font from my logo and I LOVE green. Not just any green though. I love apple green, not to dark and not too bright.

Where can I find you when you are not creating customized designs?

I volunteer a lot with my girls' schools and at our church. Mostly I like to spend time with friends and family. Someday I would like to say that you can always find me at the beach or off to my next adventure.

Any advice for those looking to launch their own shop?

Go for it!! There will never be just the right time or just the right amount of money to get started. Sometimes you have to start small and scale up form there. When I first opened my shop, I think I have about 25 note card sets listed. Eventually, I was able to save enough money to buy better and more equipment to expand my product offerings.

Favorite quote?

"I believe in pink" - Audrey Hepburn

There is more to this quote. The whole thing is fabulous. However, I do believe in pink. It's happy, fun, sweet and pairs really well with green.

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