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Today I am introducing you to one of my favorite shops in the Old Katy area (40 minutes west of Houston) that can only be described as beautifully curated. Ruizstudios happens to be known for it’s French country decor, but it definitely has a bit of that urban farmhouse vibe we all love so much. I, personally, shop the space due to it’s styling and product mix, thanks to the talented owner- Beverly Ruiz.

Beverly happens to be a former artist who found her calling for antiques and French prettiness over 20 years ago. Yes, that means that she is considered an original- one who frequented flea markets and white washed furniture before it became a trend. And although she started out small, with a booth across the street at KT Antiques Mall, the stars aligned in 2016 when the current location became available. It was then that Beverly and her husband, Rey, decided to pursue their dream and open their own brick and mortar shop, Ruizstudios. A dedicated retail space for all her loves- from luxury bedding, lighting, and tabletop linens, to vintage finds, gourmet food, and candles.

But here's the best part- the shop itself is a welcoming, fun, and somewhat peaceful environment due to Beverly's product choices and styling. Every item in the shop has its place- with perfectly distressed shelves stocked with grocery items to the left and ruffled linen pillows to the right. Galvanized buckets, blooms, wood crates, and painted furniture are throughout- with metal signage and rusted antiques towards the back. In between it all are the smaller home accents that bring a bit of emotion to the shop. Decorative finds, all carefully merchandised and ready for customers to discover. The bed is always made, no surface is ever empty, and each nook has been utilized. It definitely requires some talent to create such a space, and I very much admire the attention to detail Beverly and her team execute on a daily basis.


My hope is that the images below do justice to an extremely talented shop owner. One who brings together various styles, textures, and categories to create an environment you want to live in. One who has an eye for display, and one who brings happiness to people (like me) through her work.

Here’s to the team at Ruizstudios, Beverly and Rey for pursuing their passion, and all of you getting a bit of inspiration along the way…

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