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Caitlin / Jane Calligraphy

I couldn’t be more excited to write this post for you today! There is no major brand involved, no 100-year history to walk you through, just an introduction to an authentic and talented new friend of mine… Caitlin Lapinski. She is the creative entrepreneur behind Caitlin / Jane Calligraphy- a business that I have been following on Instagram for almost a year now, mostly due to Caitlin’s down-to-earth personality that always shines through.

Now don’t get me wrong, her calligraphy style (especially her black and white combinations) are beautifully executed; but it’s her “realness” and love for simplicity that brings pure happiness to potential clients like myself. Caitlin’s feed isn’t overly styled, overly filtered, or overly marketed- it’s genuine insight into the person she is and the passion she has for lettering.

Which leads me to this article. It is very rare for me to reach out to someone I don’t know personally and hear back from them- especially a brand or entrepreneur I admire through social media. However, Caitlin is one of the few exceptions. I say that not so she is inundated with emails, but so that you can get a sense of her character. She is someone who took time out of her day to call a complete stranger from Texas. One in particular who had a product crush on her Instagram and dreamed of having hangtags scripted. Which to me, very much matters.

So when you take a peek at the images below, know that receiving these tags meant a lot to me. Not just because they are words you hear me use every single day on the blog, but because they were created by a new friend of mine. One that I truly admire- for her authenticity, kindness, and talent.


The goal of today’s post is for you to not only get inspired by Caitlin’s work, but to also learn a bit more about who she is and where this passion of hers came from. So in between the imagery you will see some of the Q&A we discussed for the blog. I also invite you to check out her website and social media links as well. I have a feeling you too will become a fan!

When did you launch your calligraphy business?

I picked up my first calligraphy pen in December 2014 when I took a beginner course in New York City. I loved it so much that I took a second course shortly thereafter. Originally I took both classes for fun and never had the intention of starting a business, but after posting a few pictures of my work on Instagram, I received inquiries for commissioned work. I did a few projects in 2015, but the business truly took off in 2016.

What sparked that initial creativity in you?

I’ve always had a creative side to me. I grew up loving arts and crafts, scrapbooking, drawing, and have always appreciated nice hand writing and lettering work. I was the student in school who would feverishly take notes in class, only to come home and rewrite them so they were clean and pretty!

What’s the best part of your job?

Everything! I love meeting new people and getting to play a small role in their wedding or event. I also love being able to exercise my creativity when brides leave it up to me to pick a script style or when I’m asked to plan for their reception pieces and “day of” details.

Favorite design aesthetic / pen source?

While traditional scripts are gorgeous, I love the modern take on calligraphy.

My favorite nibs are the Nikko G, Blue Pumpkin, Brause EF66, and Hunt 101.

Where can we find you when you’re are not creating beautiful projects for people?

Contrary to what many believe, calligraphy is actually not my full time job! I work in finance at a pharmaceutical company during the day and work on calligraphy projects at night and on the weekends. When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me with my face buried in a book, or catching up on the latest Netflix series with my husband, napping, or planning my next vacation!

Any advice for those looking to get into the calligraphy industry?

Educate yourself as much as possible in terms of both the creative side and business side. Take as many classes as you can, get your creative process in place, and know how you’re going to brand yourself and your business. While there is a lot of truth to the saying “start before you’re ready,” it’s also much easier to have your processes in place before you start, so that way you’re not working in and on your business at the same time.

Favorite quote?

Do more of what makes you happy.

The true measure of success in life is your joy.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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