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Last month one of my main headlines spoke to the Victoria Beckham x Target collaboration. Two hundred styles with prices ranging from $6 to $70, in stores and online April 9th. It was a chance for all of us to bring 60’s inspired silhouettes and chic patterns into our closets, and yes- I was there for the launch.

Initially, I was just curious. I wanted to see how Target brought five mini- collections to life, along with the detailing of the product. I also wanted to see if they were able to take a fashion powerhouse like VB, make it accessible, and still keep a bit of elevation to it among the rest of the sales floor. Which, I am happy to report, is exactly what they accomplished here in Houston. The drive aisle signage, corner real estate, and lifestyle fixturing all came together as one cohesive statement. They also did a great job incorporating marketing imagery throughout, which only enhanced the product line and provided some extra inspiration to customers.

Each collection was assorted properly- with black being one of the colorways that tied much of it together. The bright pops of orange and pink definitely stood out, but I ended up gravitating towards the younger designs in girl. The product was beautifully constructed and the scallop detailing really stood out. I also loved the variety of texture the team incorporated- such as the floral jacquard below. Given the mod style influence and lower price points, it would have been easy for the team to stick with polyester blends. Instead, they utilized various weights and pattern that played well off one another.

There was also a prettiness to the girls collection- particularly in the blush pink dress silhouettes I purchased. VB is known for being sophisticated- not necessarily "darling". And that's really what many of her younger styles conveyed. The navy stripe above is another perfect example. That would typically be something I would never purchase given the bee graphic. But the old-school feel of the peter pan collar, soft handfeel, scalloped trim and coordinating booties made it impossible to pass up.


At the end of the day, it’s an impressive collection that stays true to it’s word- playful yet polished. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you have until April 30th. Otherwise, you should definitely be checking in with Target for any size returns of the best-sellers.

To Victoria Beckham and the team at Target- congratulations on a strong launch, sold out styles, and the happiness you have given to your fans. I hope the imagery below does your collection justice, as I am honing on on my personal favorites. Sending you the very best- today and always.

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