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ED & Bed Bath and Beyond

I will be honest, I haven’t spent a ton of time at Bed Bath and Beyond in recent years. I lived there throughout my 20’s, but once I became a mom the one-stop-shop ease of Target took over. So I was pleasantly surprised when the BB&B catalog arrived for February and ED by Ellen DeGeneres was on the cover. Yes, I have watched her show since it’s inception (true story) and have always respected the kindness her brand represents; but we both have something else in common… an obsession with the word “love.”

Which is why when ED first launched in 2015, I immediately resonated with it- despite our individual styles being a bit different. Ellen is definitely a bit more minimal and tailored, but we both live in denim and spread the word “love” around like confetti. So when the line launched with that signature red script, I was kind of hooked. Which brings me back to BB&B and their Spring 17 ED launch... with kitchen textiles, dinnerware, bedding, and my new favorite socks (that yes, you guessed it- have love on them).

The images below are more about the packaging and product details, which stand out to the merchant in me. The ED embroidery on the socks, the zig zag stitching, and the yarn-dye ribbon are just a few examples of what I gravitated towards. I am also a fan of the kraft-like hangtag. It’s classic, simple, and polished- just like the collection. There was definitely a lot of thought put into this line, and the design team did a great job of balancing various techniques and texture. My hope is that the imagery below showcases that.

If you haven’t gone to the BB&B website, please do. Take a look at the woven kitchen towels (my favorite- I want more), oven mitts, and pattered socks. I don't yet own the bedding, shower curtain, plates, or mugs- but due to the neutral tones of the collection, I am sure you will find something that brings you joy.

At the end of the day, this partnership made total sense. Bed Bath and Beyond became more relevant, and ED became more accessible. I am wishing you both nothing but the best, and thank you for bringing my favorite word and lots of warmth into my home.

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