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When I am asked for some career advice, one thing always comes to mind… Don’t talk to talk. Make sure you add value based on your experiences. Why do I say that? Because there are times, especially in corporate, where there’s pressure to speak (or ask a question) just to showcase your worth. When in fact, observing and listening can be just as rewarding for your growth and development within a company. The same also goes for every shop owner and entrepreneur, I just happen to have the most experience with the former. Here's what I mean...

As a merchant, I always wanted to speak up in the seasonal meetings- but in most cases I held back. I didn’t want to be the one who talked to our CEO just so he knew my name. I wanted to be the one who came across knowledgeable and prepared. The one who my boss could rely on for answers if a detailed question came up. And while I am sure there were times that plan of mine failed (I am human and oh so passionate), listening and observing to the talent around me was invaluable. You know why?! I was learning from them.

If you think about where we are right now, everyone is under a tremendous amount of pressure to be present at all times and on every platform. It's a lot to process for not just seasoned professionals but the up-and-comers as well. Everyone is trying to get noticed, get promoted, gain followers, and engage with customers. It's exhausting! But here's the thing... Those who actually cut through the noise, get to the point, and help others achieve their goals are the ones winning. They become the go-to resource and the person/ brand you want to partner with. Which is pretty much what we are all striving for, isn't it?

So it’s with nothing but encouragement that I share this quote with you today. Whether you are focused on moving up the ladder at your current company or driving sales to your shop, providing VALUE to others goes a long way. Don’t feel pressured to ask questions, create an ad, or write content just for the sake of it. Speak up when you are sharing something noteworthy and the world will take notice, I promise.

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