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Comfort Zone

I know we have all heard the “get out of your comfort zone” speech at some point in our lives, but the truth is…it’s still just as relevant in today’s society, especially within our own careers.

Should I move to a different department?

Should I go back to school?

Should I give up on a promotion (and steady income) to follow my dream?

Should I deplete savings and launch my own shop?

Does any of that sound familiar? It definitely does to me.

Here’s the thing… I feel like most people will tell you that although it wasn’t easy, they have no regrets about taking that leap of faith and trusting their intuition. Even if the situation didn’t work out, they most likely learned something along the way and have a clearer understanding of where they should be going next.

So if you are one of those people dreaming, wishing, wondering, and over-thinking about a different role or career move- what are you waiting for??! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain- just by trying.

Quick story. I met someone this weekend who currently has a very nice position within a corporate company, mentoring newbies and doing what they are good at. She said flat out to me that she’s comfortable, making good money, has good hours, etc. And just when I thought she was done talking about work, out comes this... “Actually there’s this creative opportunity that came up and I kind of can’t stop thinking about it.” So you know me- I asked about every aspect of the new gig immediately, and when the time to give my opinion only one phrase came to mind... “you have to do it!” Why did I say that? Because of the way her face LIT UP as she dove into the details of it all.

Now I have no idea what this new friend of mine will do. You learn rather quickly when you have a family that diving into a new job requires some support and conversation. But I do hope she finds a way to follow that passion of hers, and the same goes for all of you!

I know it’s scary to try something new, but I promise it will be worth it. Different roles and responsibilities change you- and for the better in my opinion. You gain additional insight, meet new people, and learn a whole lot along the way.

So if an opportunity comes up or this passion of yours just won’t back down- take it, do it, try it!

From one leap taker to another… I am sending you nothing but love and encouragement- today and always.

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