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Do It For YOU

If you are anything like me, this quote has become your new best friend, and it’s what you look to when any self-doubt or negative opinion surfaces. It’s what keeps you sane if you’ve lost focus, and it’s what makes your journey a happy one. Why? Because you aren’t worried about what everyone else thinks, wants, or expects from you. You are just being you. Which, I might add, is incredibly difficult for any dream-chaser and entrepreneur. In a world where social acceptance, likes, and shares have taken over as a way to measure success, it’s a bit difficult to not care about everyone else’s opinion of you. But here’s what I know…

The minute I stopped searching for acceptance was the minute I jumped from 80 to 200 followers. Now, most of you are thinking that’s a really small number and doesn’t mean anything- but I beg to differ. Remember, I am new to blogging and photography. My wheel house is retail merchandising, business strategy, product, and mentoring. So figuring out how to showcase who I was as a person in a consistent, aesthetically pleasing way was not easy. But once I stopped asking for everyone’s feedback and just did what I truly loved, my work improved. I still have a long way to go, and I am still learning how to apply my background to blogging, but at least I am doing it my way.

Great things take time- and it’s important to realize that not everyone will agree with you, like you, or follow you. There will be haters, there will be commentary, and there will definitely be some no’s and unfollows in the future (for all of us). Just please promise me you will NOT get hung up on that. Stay true to your vision- and never lose sight of the passionate, enthusiastic, and driven person who got you here in the first place. Chase that dream because it ignites a fire in you. Chase it because you have something unique to offer that will help others. But most of all, chase it because it’s going to make YOU happier.

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