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Retail Headlines

Your resident retail nerd is back! Let’s dive into what’s been happening with some of your favorite retailers…

Yesterday’s big news came from, as they are about to own Modcloth, a women’s e-commerce fashion brand who’s known for it’s vintage-inspired styling. Why is this big news? Because Walmart owns, and they recently also purchased and Moosejaw (think outdoor apparel). And while I understand why Walmart/ Jet are buying up additional e-commerce companies (due to market trends and wanting to beat Amazon), I am just hoping Modcloth’s fan base doesn’t disappear. I could be wrong, but Modcloth’s customer reminds me of Anthropologie, but a bit more hipster. They are focused on their individuality and embracing who they are- which isn't necessarily what we all think of in terms of Walmart. My hope is that this acquisition helps Modcloth stay afloat financially and reach additional customers. Their mission as a brand (style for everyone) is needed in the market.

Inditex (who owns Zara) reported a 12% sales increase for the year- with Zara representing about 2/3 of the business. I had to mention this, because it’s rare for me to report an earnings call with such positivity and growth potential. Having a company talk about 280 additional store openings in 2017, while taking on more social and environmental responsibility, is not the norm in retail right now. So it’s somewhat refreshing to see a category like fast fashion (H&M also saw a 6% increase over last year) not only working in the industry, but focusing on the future through it’s eco-fashion efforts. Congrats Inditex!

As I am sure you have heard, Victoria Beckham is coming to Target April 9th, and the industry CAN NOT WAIT (myself included). So just in case you missed the new commercial or the designer's recent InStyle article- here is why everyone is freaking out…

- It’s the first time VB is extending her reach to children and plus size women.

- The collection has just over 200 styles with pricing ranging from $6 - $70. So you are getting her minimalist, chic style at an affordable price.

- The initial collection is 60’s inspired and comes across tailored and sophisticated, yet playful and fun. A balance that’s not always easy to pull off.

To view the VBxTarget commercial please click here. And yes, I have already been to the Target website scoping out which dresses I want. It's worth checking out for you and the little ones, even if you may not be a fan of her via the runway. She may have surprised you...

In addition- one of my favorite brands, Feed Projects, is opening their first store in Brooklyn, based on an Instagram post by Lauren Bush Lauren (the company’s founder). Every product they sell has a significant donation attached to it, which has equated to over 95 million meals globally to those in need. It’s a project I have supported since it’s inception in 2007, so I can’t wait to see how they bring it to life.

If there is something I missed or a category you want to know more about, please let me know. And as always, I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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