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Deliver An Experience

Today’s post is based on one of my favorite quotes… “Don’t deliver a product. Deliver an experience”. It’s something that those of us in retail have known forever, but yet it applies to all aspects of business. And it’s not just about marketing- it’s in every phase of communication with your customers/ clients. From that initial conversation to a completed transaction- the “experience” is YOU. Here’s what I mean…

People crave a connection- one that’s built on trust and one that takes the “sales pitch” out of the equation. They not only want to understand how you will enhance their life is some way, but they also want to get lost in the story you are telling and feel prioritized all at the same time. It’s an incredibly high standard for business owners, but those who focus on enhancing a customer's experience are winning these days.

And although I feel like influencer marketing via social media may have hit its peak- that’s a prime example of how smaller boutiques and brands (plus some big box names like Old Navy) are winning right now. They are utilizing a form of communication that their target customer is obsessed with, and therefore making products more relatable and enticing.

So what does your customer care about most (besides results)? In retail, we initially think through performance, presentation, styling, quality, function, and value- across all channels of communication. However, the key to success is going after one or two of those in our sales pitch. The ones that draw the customer in and get them invested- not just in the new collection, but the brand and it's overall mission. And for those of you not in retail, there are other aspects of your business to consider as well. Such as being socially or environmentally conscious, saving the consumer time, and building one-on-one relationship that I am sure many of you can relate to.

My hope is that no matter what industry you are in, or what service/ product you are selling- that you think through what the customer most craves in terms of a connection. My guess is that although the end goal is high quality work and positive results- HOW you actually achieve that means way more to them.

You know me, I could go on and on about this, since all I want is for you to be successful. But I will leave it there for today. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me…

Sending you nothing but love and encouragement this Monday afternoon, and always.

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