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How You Made Them Feel

I chose the quote above because it’s a personal favorite of mine. One that I hope I am implementing as a mom, wife, merchant, blogger, and friend on a daily basis. And no matter who you are, what industry you are in, or the personal relationships you have- this quote above from poet Maya Angelou holds true for it all.

I am sharing it with you today just in case you are bogged down with an endless to-do list or just feeling a bit uninspired. I am sharing it with you as a reminder (or maybe even a wake up call) so that you can make an impact on those around you, or customers in your store. And I am not talking grand gestures- it’s the little things… Your tone of voice, a “how are you?”, a teachable moment, or a quick thank you makes all the difference in a person’s day. It’s going that extra mile and being nothing but authentic in the process.

Sometimes we are so focused on checking things off (and that goes from daily tasks at work to achieving your dreams on a personal level) that we lose sight of our effect on others. And honestly- I don’t want that for you. I want you to be successful, but I also want you to be MEMORABLE. And whether that comes from knowledge, leadership, friendship, integrity, or kindness- it’s worth it I promise you.

Now, I am not nearly as wise as Maya Angelou, but she couldn’t be more inspiring to me- especially with this quote. So know that I am right here with you, trying to make my own little mark on this world. Here’s to all of you having a wonderful week ahead and IMPACTING those around you…

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