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Etsy Studio

I was anticipating a career story for all of you today, but a quick glimpse at the news yesterday morning changed all that. I was attempting to watch ten minutes of CBS This Morning (before my kiddos took over the TV), when I saw a promo for the CEO of Etsy- Chad Dickerson coming up. So I hit fast forward, and literally ended up taking photos of their graphics as I watched the segment. Why? Because I, just like you, live on the Etsy app and have purchased at least sixty various products at this point- if not more. And as of April, I will be scrolling, searching, and buying even more on their new website. Here’s what’s happening…

Chad Dickerson was on the show to promote Etsy Studio- a new marketplace launching in April. Its main goal is to bring “joy” back to the craft industry through not only selling supplies, but project tutorials as well. The company wants to help amateurs (like me) and experts (like my sister) achieve their DIY craft potential in a new way. There will be over eight million products for sale and 60 tutorials for the initial launch. The company also worked tirelessly to ensure the search capabilities are simplified and less broad, which will only enhance our experience as customers. So basically it’s taking the fun and inspiration we love on Etsy and creating a destination exclusively for DIY craftiness.

I have to say I am pretty excited. I love walking into stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, but (for school projects in particular) a one stop shop for supplies + tutorials might be exactly what I need. Plus, Etsy embodies the small business, dream-chasing spirit that I have always been a fan of. So we will see what happens in April- but I am wishing the team at Etsy Studio nothing but the best.

Okay- so now that you know what is happening- let’s get back to the pictures I took of my TV screen…

Etsy actually has some pretty amazing statistics that I thought you might want to check out. See below for some fun facts on this favorite company of mine, and please let me know your thoughts on Etsy Studio. I would love to hear from you!

Etsy Inc.

Launched in 2005

27M+ active buyers

40M items for sale

Etsy Ecomomy:

1.7M+ active sellers

32% support themselves full time with their business

87% are women

$2.39B in gross sales in 2015

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