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One of my best friends back in New York just bought her first home, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Just the idea of picking out paint, granite, backsplash, shelving, and furniture makes me smile. In fact, as soon as she told me they purchased this little Long Island gem, I immediately knew what I was getting her- a Sherwin-Williams paint fan. It's a personal favorite of mine and an essential home improvement tool. Hers is pictured above and will be delivered in a couple of weeks when I get to visit. So on this Wednesday I am dedicating this post to my dear friend, and diving into why I am a loyal Sherwin-Williams customer. Let’s get to it…

I know there are many different brands and home retailers to choose from when you are about to paint your home… Lowe’s, Benjamin Moore, and Home Depot are a few that come to mind. But for me there is only one company I trust- and that's Sherwin-Williams. I am pretty sure it’s a combo of quality, durability (that’s due to my children), and ease of execution. I have re-done two sets of cabinets, countless rooms, a NYC apartment, and my grandmother's vanity. All of it with Sherwin-Williams paint, and all of it hardly ever having to be re-touched. I never question the make of their products or the price tag- which you will hardly ever hear me say. So yes, clearly I am a fan.

Now lets dive into how it all began (my favorite part)...

1866- Henry Sherwin used his life savings of $2,000 to buy a partnership with Truman Dunham Company in Cleveland, Ohio. They were a distributor of paint supplies.

1870- Henry’s partnership dissolves and he launches a paint business with Edward Williams.

1873- The Sherwin-Williams & Company purchased it’s first factory in Cleveland, Ohio producing paste paint, oil colors, and putty.

1877- They developed the first patented reusable paint can, which revolutionized the industry and how paint could be used. Prior to this, customers were bringing their own containers to stores and filling them as needed.

1880’s- Improvements were made to liquid paint formulas and Inside Floor Paint was introduced.

1900’s- Focus shifted towards advertising, sales campaigns, and craftsmanship of the products being sold- ensuring Sherwin Williams not only became a household name but a leader for innovation and quality.

1922- A new lacquer and enamel finish was introduced- allowing freshly painted cars to be dried within a few hours vs. 21 days.

1940’s- 1960’s: New product continued to be introduced such as fast drying paint and the paint roller we all still use today.

1977: The company’s revenue reaches $1billion.

And that is just the beginning. Sherwin-Williams would go on to acquire several other brands (Pratt & Lambert, DeSoto, and Dutch Boy to name a few) to continue their overall mission of expansion. The innovation never stopped- with the Twist & Pour can and Dutch Boy Ready to Roll container as prime examples. As of last year the company had sales just over $11 billion, and they currently employ 40,000 people. It's a pretty remarkable story when you think about it, and it all started with a $2,000 dream.

So to everyone at The Sherwin-Williams Company, thank you for your high quality standards, constant inspiration, and commitment to customers. I am a true fan and I wish you all the very best. Here's to 150 more years...

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