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Retail Industry Cheerleader

One of the questions I always get asked is “why do you call yourself a cheerleader?” It has come up several times since September of last year, and for some reason it doesn’t sit well with many people. So today, my goal is to not only fill you in on why I call myself that, but to also influence you to be one too. Let’s get to it…

When I think about who I am as a person (or how to describe myself) this is the phrase that mostly comes to mind: mom, wife, merchant, repeat. But since the blog and my consulting business has nothing to do with my person life, I needed one phrase that encompassed who I am- and what my overall priority was- which is where “retail industry cheerleader” was born.

For those of you that have never looked it up, a cheerleader is someone who supports and encourages others. Yes, they stand on the sidelines and cheer, but their end goal is way bigger than that. A cheerleader’s main mission is to keep the team on the field motivated and focused. They ensure the players (and crowd) maintain their positivity and enthusiasm, especially when a play doesn’t go their way. They try to keep the energy, hope, and confidence going so the team can focus on winning. It’s about being supportive and encouraging, at least that’s how I look at it.

But here is my favorite part… The cheerleader's are on the sidelines- they are NOT out on the field. Which is exactly where I want to be right now in my career. I want to be the one on the sidelines helping everyone- from the retailers I shop and admire, to the clients I work with, and especially those who read the blog. My goal for Merchant Inspired was never anything other then that. So when I say that I am a retail industry cheerleader, know that it’s because I am fortunate right now to be standing on the side assisting others achieve their goals (whatever they might be). I want YOU to be the one making the touch down and getting a home run, and without me standing next to you. It’s your time in the spotlight, and my hope is to be a tiny portion of the road that gets you there.

So now that you know why I call myself that, are you ready to do the same for others around you? I am hoping you answered yes! So on this Monday, I am asking you to think about supporting a co-worker or friend, and speaking to their strengths during a conversation. If there is doubt over a new project, let them know how they will be most effective. If there is concern over a new role, let them know why they are so amazing. Tell them that you have their back, you are there for them, and cheering them on along the way. It’s a few sentences, but if it’s authentic and you truly mean it- you could have a huge impact on someone- trust me. I don’t write to you unless I feel it has some type of meaning, and encouragement holds a ton of weight with others.

So from this retail industry cheerleader to all of you… I am sending you nothing but positive vibes and lots of support, today and always. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.

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