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A Friend & A Camera

I am mixing it up a bit today- talking about one of the many talented and encouraging individuals I have had in my corner for the past two years. It’s a little bit of friendship with a little bit of photography- all meant to inspire you along the way. Let’s get started…

An essential part of the blogging and marketing world is the imagery we utilize everyday. So when it came time for some initial camera questions and advice on this subject I immediately reached out to Jacey. She is a lifestyle photographer based in Atlanta, GA and has owned her own business since 2012. We actually met that same year at a Christmas party and I have been fortunate to call her a friend ever since.

I will be honest and say that I admired Jacey even before I knew her occupation. She is a mom to four amazing kids and is one of the most down to earth women I know. So how she has balanced the demands of motherhood while becoming a successful entrepreneur will forever be a mystery, but it’s definitely impressive.

Ever since that initial introduction, Jacey has taken several photos of my family (many are framed throughout my home) and has been a constant source of support, advice, and inspiration as I took on this next chapter. There was no text or email left unanswered, and that means a lot when you live 800 miles away. So I am excited to have this platform to pay it forward.

What you will love most about Jacey’s work is the candidness of the subjects and the emotion captured. There is an ease to the imagery- it's not too busy or exaggerated. It's as if she just happen to be there with a camera in hand vs. it being an actual shoot. And above all it makes you smile- which is why I chose to start the article with one of my favorites above. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it's happiness- three words that are typically on repeat when describing Jacey’s style.

To me, photography is about documenting memories that you never want to forget. And typically it’s the unexpected, truly authentic moments that bring us the most joy- which is where Jacey excels in her field.

I am obviously a huge fan and could go on and on- but I will let her talent speak for itself. Please make sure you check out some additional black and white images below, as well as her social media sites.

And to my friend Jacey- thank you for the last two years of guidance in particular. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life. Wish you nothing but the best, always.

All photography rights belong to Jacey Verhoef Photography.

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