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Junk Street Market

I am very excited about today's post, as I get to show you a few images of my favorite store here in Houston. It's called Junk Street Market and is located in the city of Katy, 30 miles west of downtown.

What makes this store special is the owner Jannet- who partners with an eclectic mix of vendors to create an inviting atmosphere filled with rustic, worn, and hand painted items you dream of having in your home. I call it farmhouse meets vintage, but there are always new items coming in- each with their own personality and uniqueness to them.

While taking photos this week, I had the opportunity to ask Jannet how the shop came to fruition in 2013. Her answer was perfection... "I started with $200 and a dresser" she said. As it turns out Jannet is a pretty talented architect who loved painting furniture. Once there was a demand for additional pieces, she looked for a space to showcase them- which is where Junk Street Market was born.

Nowadays she gets to have a bit more fun styling the space and searching for that great find... an item that has the quality, price, and spark that customers have come to expect from the shop.

So if you find yourself in the Katy area- you need to come visit Jannet and the staff at Junk Street Market. I could not be more thankful to write about a true retail love of mine and I hope you take a few minutes to check them out.

Happy Friday everyone!

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