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GapxDisney Dumbo Collection

Limited edition collections always grab my attention. I don’t know if it’s the newness, the short time frame, or just the idea of something special- but it definitely evokes a reaction. Case and point: Gap’s new collaboration with Disney that hit stores this past Friday. I saw an ad for it via social media, brought up the assortment on my phone, and within 24 hours I was at the store reviewing the quality and presentation. So let’s get to it…

The collection is centered around the story of Dumbo, with the following tag lines: find magic in the little things, and if you believe in yourself anything’s possible. It’s definitely a bit more whimsical compared to their other Disney specific merchandise, which is perfect for the baby segment.

Below is a quick run down of what I loved and an opportunity I saw….

The main highlight of the assortment was the hand-drawn graphics (image below for reference). The dark grey outlines with tiny pops of color make the styles feel a bit more elevated and are just beautiful. I also loved the soft hand feel of the footed one-pieces (that’s essential), as well as the woven patterns the team incorporated. The detailing was also a win. The contrast back neck tape, hood lining, canvas labels, and specific hangtags showcasing the collaboration were on brand for Gap and made the product stand out.

The main opportunity I saw, especially in stores, was easy outfitting. In order to complete most looks you had to incorporate pieces from their core assortment (such as leggings, khakis, denim, and accessories). And while it’s a great idea in theory, it can be tough for customers to throw a quick gift together if that product isn’t showcased with the collection.

So here is my advice on this, because is currently running full price items at 40% off. And if you want your size and the best possible price- now is the time to grab it. So please take a look at the following:

For Baby Girl, make sure you buy the lace trim leggings in sassy pink when you purchase the ruffled woven top or striped sweatshirt (my two favorite pieces). It will match perfectly and go with additional styles in your kids closet I am sure. Also, I know the denim band jacket might not be your first choice as a layering piece, but it looks adorable with the pink, so you may want to pick that up too.

For Baby Boy, I actually love the neon yellow striped bodysuit with the dumbo fleece hoodie and matching fleece bottoms. The fleece bottoms aren’t specific to the collection, but they go perfectly and it’s definitely comfy cozy for your little one.

Lastly, if you are not sure what to get and you have a baby shower coming- grab the stork one-piece set and the Dumbo towel. The one-piece is a zip up (the best kind), soft, adorable, and it ends up being a gender neutral gift. You can’t go wrong.

Okay- let’s wrap this up!

Overall, I thought the collection was a perfect refresh after the holidays and showcased both brands well. I obviously gravitated towards the softer, graphic elements of the capsule vs. the darker stripes and french vanilla colorways. But that's a personal preference- don't let that discourage you from checking it out.

My hope is that you view some of my favorites listed above and have some fun purchasing new Spring product at 40% off. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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