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Cupcake Central

As you know, I love to introduce you to my favorite people- those fellow entrepreneurs that are doing what they love each day. And today is no exception, so let's get started...

When I need a baker here in Houston, there is only one place I go- Cupcake Central. Robin, who owns and operates this delicious business happens to be a friend of mine- one who is kind and talented. So when she decided to combine two of my favorite things (cupcakes and mason jars) I could not have been more excited. To date I have ordered 20 of them- saying thank you, congratulations, and now happy holidays to friends and family. Each time they worked like a charm- doing exactly what Robin and I strive for...making people smile.

So why are they so good and what separates Robin from everyone else? You know what I am going to say- her passion. It’s obvious she was born to bake, but her client’s happiness is what matters most. Each smash cake, wedding creation, and custom birthday design is made with lots of love. Making someone’s day or creating a memory is what matters, and I just adore her for that. It also helps that they taste heavenly and are not over-priced.

So if you are in Houston, please make sure you check out her website and email in an order- you will not be disappointed. It's the perfect ratio of cake to frosting, made for you by a woman with lots of heart.

And to Robin- I could not be more grateful for your friendship, dedication, and just pure awesomeness. It’s the little things in life that mean the most and I am so glad we bonded over funfetti. I wish you the very best, always.

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