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Current/ Elliott

I know you were expecting Monday motivation but I am breaking the rules today. I have wanted to write about this brand for a while and since my husband has yet to shop for me, I may have sent him a few of the items above...

CURRENT/ELLIOTT has been around since 2008 and are known for inventing of one of my all-time favorite things... the boyfriend jean. And despite the fact that the original creative duo behind the brand (Emily Current and Merritt Elliott) are no longer with the company, I am still a huge fan of their overall aesthetic and style direction. It's a brand baked in vintage denim that uses the tag line "wear for love, love for wear." I mean, it couldn't be more me.

So if you are looking for some inspiration or dream of wearing that cable striped cardigan the way I do- definitely check them out. I know their price points are a bit high, but that's why I saved them for a holiday gift post. My fingers are crossed that the hubs at least grabs the denim stocking off their website- I love it.

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