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Today I am combining three of my loves into a quick post- being a mom, friendship, and graphic tee’s…

Truth is the best thing I ever did was have my two goobers. Yes, they drive me crazy at times and yes, I wish my family lived closer to help out. But at the end of the day those boys are my greatest achievement. And I couldn’t imagine my life without those moments of pure joy (you know, the ones we don’t capture on our phone). It’s the tickling, the kisses, the “I love you's”, and the nightly bedtime routine that matter above all else.

So when it came time to purchase a t-shirt from my friend Lauren (a fellow newbie entrepreneur), there was only one phrase I requested... momlife. I wanted a simple reminder of how incredibly lucky I am to have that role. The hardest yet most rewarding of all.

And to Lauren- a huge thank you for inspiring my post today and for creating a $20 tee that is quintessentially me. Yes, I will be wearing this with my ripped jeans and loving every minute of it. Hope you realize that I couldn’t be more proud of you for taking on your dream. We are all here cheering you on. Best of luck my friend- I can't wait to see what's next for you.

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