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Mugable Mugs

If you drink as much coffee as I do, I bet you have a ton of mugs in your cabinet. Or maybe you just love buying them as gifts or putting them on display. Either way, I wanted to fill you in on one where I purchase mine. There are three locations: Starbucks, Anthropologie, and today’s post subject- Mugable Mugs on Etsy.

If you visit the shop you will find a collection of whimsical fonts, florals, and sayings that will make you smile each morning. The pricing is competitive and their largest version (the 20 oz.) is pure perfection for those who run on coffee like me. The simplicity and prettiness of their work translates well onto canvas totes and other custom products as well. My favorite designs include messy bun (photo above), bestie, hello beautiful, adulting is hard, and the wedding party gift options such as Mother of the Bride.

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to the owner, Jenna. Yes, she is incredibly talented but her kindness is what I admire most about her. I recently messaged her with some start-up questions and she got back to me right away- trying to help and support another entrepreneur as if it was nothing. And just so you know- not everyone does that. I have sent many messages out into the world and received silence in return. So when someone takes time out of their day to help you, it goes a long way with me.

So to Mugable Mugs- thank you for being so awesome. This newbie blogger and current customer is wishing you the very best. I am truly grateful that I stumbled upon your Etsy shop months ago and decided to make a purchase. I hope everyone reading this checks out your designs and makes you a favorite.

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