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Plum Organics

Have you ever used a product so much that you think to yourself “how amazing would it be if I had invented this?” I have, several times, especially as a mom. And the brand of Plum Organics is no exception. I was in the grocery store yesterday purchasing 30 of their stage two packs when it hit me… I spend more money on this everyday snack obsession my kids have compared to anything else. You may think that's impossible, but my children could literally eat six a day if I let them, and I pay around $1.25 per pack. Occasionally Babies R Us has an amazing 20 for $20 deal (where I stock up as if I am hibernating for winter) but it’s rare to find them at that price.

So why do I allow my kids to be pack junkies? It’s quite simple- they need their fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. I wish I could say that they eat them when served with breakfast and dinner- but my kids are very finicky and it’s actually getting worse. So Plum allows me to get tons of Vitamin A and C in their body’s, organically and unsweetened. And while there are a ton of competitors out there with very similar options, Plum was one of the first companies to introduce an organic option to parents, and I have stuck with them ever since. It also helps that the packs are super easy for travel- to the store, the park, on the plane, or at school.

So to the corporate team at Plum- all jokes aside and despite the damage you do to my bank account, I am nothing but a fan. I applaud you, as a merchant, for everything you have done so far: a brand mission that is clear and consistent, your expanding product line, and building a strong level of trust with parents. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and please keep me in mind when you decide to do a “Plum 4 Life” giveaway. I could really use it!

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