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Put Yourself Out There

It's a big Monday around here... lots going on! I am excited to say that my website is officially being designed as of today. I handed over the check on Friday so that my landing page can officially become an interactive dream of mine. Which means I get to start writing the content, and putting almost two years of tear sheets and Pinterest print screens to use. If I had to share with you how I am feeling right now, it is excited and yet terrified all at the same time.

In addition, I finally posted a picture of myself and did a brief introduction on Instagram this morning. I am still second guessing it as we speak, but at least I did it. I threw in all the words that really represent me: mom, wife, merchant, writer, work in progress, jeans, coffee, dreamer. You know, the usual.

Lastly, it's Monday- which means an inspirational quote is a must before we end this post. So here is a new favorite from Reese Witherspoon. During a recent interview, she mentions that a good lesson for young women is to jump with two feet into a cold pool. I mean, this will sound ridiculous, but it felt as if she was talking directly to me. As I have mentioned, one of the hardest parts about taking on your dream is the fear you have at failing. For me, knowing someone that successful had similar insecurities makes me feel a bit better. I admire her even more now and this quote is a great reminder for all of us.

So here is to putting yourself out there and trying your best... One day at a time, one post at a time, one dream at a time.

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