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B'Gosh Blue Jeans

One of the best aspects of being in retail are the questions you get asked on where to shop and why. Today I am honing in on one of my favorite brands, OshKosh B'gosh, and why I have been telling every mom in Houston to check out their denim walls.

Some of you are probably thinking I am a bit biased, since I know the amazingly talented people who make and sell them to you. But trust me- this is my own point of view on a brand I couldn't love and/or shop more. So let’s get started…

As a merchant/ buyer one of my main responsibilities is to understand what the competition looks like each season and how it compares to the product I am selling you. It’s an analysis that starts with the overall assortment but encompasses every aspect of a garment such as silhouette, quality, pricing, and promotional discounts. So when I say that OshKosh has an incredibly strong price value equation on their denim, it means that you, as a parent, are getting the perfect balance of quality and price that another brand can not beat.

Here is what I mean... On average, you can buy their blue jeans somewhere around $12 to $14 based on the promotion that is being run. Sometimes less (like right now due to Black Friday) and sometimes more depending on seasonality. And what I have been telling moms for years is that for less then $20 you are purchasing a pair of jeans that not only look good, but will actually last. Especially if you have boys like me- who live in the front yard, covered in mulch, and jump off of couches on a daily basis.

The photo above is one of two pairs I recently bought for their Christmas card shoot. Both kids have been in OshKosh overalls and denim since they were born, and the straight fit has always been my personal favorite. I highlighted for you a feature that other retailers do offer, but most moms don’t realize exists- the hidden adjustable waistband. It allows my son to have on a genuine five pocket jean, but yet pull them up and down himself while going to the bathroom. Those of you with a three year old at home will totally understand why that is important. Lastly, check out the detailing. When you add up the navy and white stripe combo with their stitching, 1895 logo, and metal hardware- it's classic and authentic- just like them.

So lets wrap this up. You know how I feel but I am going to say it again just for fun! OshKosh B’Gosh is an institution (in my opinion) when it comes to denim in the retail industry. They are a brand that embraces their heritage and yet remains relevant for today's younger generation. I hope you check them out, especially with their current Black Friday deals, and fall as in love with them as I clearly am.

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