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The Home T

Today I am sending a huge thank you to the customer service team, specifically Jordan, at The Home T. Most of you have probably heard of this awesome company or already own one of the state tee's that made them famous. Here's why I am saying thank you...

Months ago I realized that the only t-shirt I wanted for an upcoming Disney trip was the castle design from I had seen it on friends prior and loved it. It was quintessentially me...grey, super soft, a simple yet meaningful text, and came in a v-neck silhouette. So it was unfortunate when I realized four days out that I never finished purchasing it.

Here is the good news- The Home T has great follow up once you visit their website. So I just went back to my inbox and found an email that read "you left this in your cart, can we help you?" and reached out to them. Knowing I was going to wear the t-shirt everyday, pricing wasn't a factor. I just needed it to arrive in the next three days. And arrived it did!

So to Jordan and the customer service team... You made me extremely happy prior to my trip and all the way through. I lived in my Home T shirt and loved every minute of it.

Thank you for being responsive, kind, and helpful through our email exchanges... I am truly grateful and I will definitely be returning to your site. I have already started shopping your lifestyle section and am adding Texas kid tee's to Santa's list.

PS: I did attempt to take one of those magical photos in front of the castle, but the above is a bit more me.

Have a wonderful holiday season, wishing you all the best.

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