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Kirkland's Holiday Decor

I wasn't expecting to post today (especially involving Christmas) but after walking through Kirkland's I wanted to give you a heads up. Their new holiday line looks really good. It's probably the best I have seen from them and it is worth your time to check it out.

I happen to be very traditional and rustic when it comes to holiday decorating, so I immediately gravitated towards the wall art pictured above. I am constantly buying frames and signs for my home, which drives my husband absolutely crazy, but the pricing on these is well worth it. They range from $10.99 to $49.99 and my personal favorite is only $29.99. I wonder if my friends can guess which one it is...

So with their designs stronger then last year (in my opinion) and the brand being competitively priced- it's a win win for you. Even if your style preference is more modern and elegant you should take a peek- I promise you there are some beautiful pieces in there.

Lastly, I chose to rush the post today due to an Election Day Sale Kirkland's is running. Using the code VOTE25 you get 25% off their entire store and site. So please take my advice... While you wait and watch the poll numbers on CNN tonight, check out You will not be disappointed.

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