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P. Graham Dunn

If you are a mom like me, chances are your refrigerator is covered in super hero magnets, zoo animals, precious artwork, and alphabet letters. So it is a bonus when I find some blank space for things I love like the magnets above from P. Graham Dunn. I found them at a local Hallmark for $5 each and I pretty much wanted the entire display. However, I walked away with my three favorites and they have been on my fridge making me smile for the past few months.

What I love most about the magnets is the story behind the company. It is family owned and operated since 1976 when Peter and LeAnna Dunn fell in love and got married in Ohio. Initially, they accepted a mission to help house runaway girls, so the woodworking business was a household hobby that kept everyone busy. For the first twenty years Peter designed aspect of the product line while LeAnna managed the finances. Fast forward to today where they are still in Ohio but now managing a 160,000 sq. ft. facility and serving over 4000 accounts.

In order to understand where the name Graham comes from you will have to go to their website and read the story for yourself. It is out of respect and in memory of a couple who sacrificed their life for Peter's parents and my writing will not do it justice.

So to P. Graham Dunn I am a huge fan of your work, your history, and the love behind your product. My hope is that I can get to Dalton, see your manufacturing facility, shop your retail store and maybe even meet you one day. Your story is a prime example of why I am so proud to be a part of this industry. Congratulations on all you have achieved and best of luck, always.

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