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Be Authentic

While working in retail there is constant competition- between brands, stores, and of course co-workers. But only recently did the quote below actually sink in (when in reality it should have been posted at my desk much sooner). I am sharing it today because I don't want it to take you 10+ years to figure this one out...

Be confident in who you are. Don't be like me and try to follow everyone else. Find what makes you unique and be proud of it. For me, I am incredibly passionate and strive to be a mentor, partner, and resource for others. Technically, I am a retail industry cheerleader whose love for this business turned out to be my greatest asset. An asset that I spent way too much time trying to compress instead of embracing. If I could go back in time I would probably purchase some pom-pom's just for fun.

So here is the punch line... Sometimes it takes a while to figure out who your "authentic self" is, but once you know- embrace it. I promise you that no matter what everyone else is doing, it's okay to be who you are. Competition will exist no matter what, but don't let it stop you from being your true self. People will take notice one day, I promise.

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