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Madewell X Feed

Fun fact…I am a huge fan of collaborations. It introduces customers to new lifestyle brands or causes, while typically creating some amazing limited edition items. Case and point: Madewell and FEED. Last week while scrolling through Instagram I was genuinely excited to see an announcement for the new #madewellxfeed capsule collection. I immediately clicked the "link in their bio" to check out what had been designed. Here is the best part- every time you purchase one of these items you are sending 67- 178 meals across the world to children that really need it. Pretty awesome, right?!

Truth be told I have always shopped at both Madewell and FEED Projects. The image above showcases two closet favorites I bought last year. It’s my second favorite FEED tote (yes, I keep hangtags, I love those too) and one of my coziest of cozy Madewell sweaters. So when I saw that these two brands teamed up for some fun new items, I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Just as an FYI, FEED was launched in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren. Her goal has always been to produce products that grab your attention to the fight against hunger- and it works. Whether you are purchasing products directly on their website or through collaborations such as this, the organization does an outstanding job with quality and design. Lastly, my favorite aspect of FEED is that each item has a stamped number on it, so you know exactly how many meals you have provided based on your purchase. Hence, why I still have my burlap bag below.

So getting back to my original mission here. Please check out the #madewellxfeed items. There is a small cosmetic case and scarf that I know you will love, is affordable, and allows you to do some good along the way!

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