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So She Did

Even though today is October 31st, a personal note is much more my speed vs. a forced Halloween post, so here we go...

I originally had a different quote planned for today, but as I was going through Saturday's mail a belated birthday present came from my parents. It was a bracelet engraved with the wording "she believed she could so she did" and a card letting me know they are nothing but proud of their daughter.

The thing is, I was anticipating a Starbucks gift card, so a meaningful gesture on their part was surprising and yet so needed. Don't get we wrong, I am incredibly fortunate to have parents that love me, support me, and in most cases will do anything for me- but sometimes you just need to see it in black and white.

That bracelet will now be a permanent fixture next to my laptop. I am placing it there so that each time I second-guess myself there are words of encouragement from a special source.

So today, since my parents are the inspiration behind this post, I am sending on their message to all of you. No matter what job, dream or problem you may have at the moment please remember how amazing you are. Do not let the negativity or fear get to you. Find that self-confidence, keep moving forward, and ALWAYS believe in yourself.

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