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Retail Love Story

I made a big change this morning. I decided to stop trying to sell myself and just be myself. It was time to stop worrying about what everyone thought and just put into words who I am and what I do. So today the “about” section on Facebook has been updated and re-written below. It will hopefully clear up exactly what my intentions are with this page and why I started writing in the first place.

But before you dive in, I need to thank every single person who has had my back recently. Your support, honesty, feedback, and love has meant more then you will ever know. I am well aware that I owe you one and I promise to make it up to you!

Okay, here it is, and have a wonderful Sunday!


Merchant Inspired:

A retail love story from an industry professional.


To provide insight into the product, people, roles, and brands that create this amazing industry we call retail. Whether you work within it or are a loyal customer, allow my passion for this business to bring a smile to your face and hopefully inspire you along the way.


With a Fashion Merchandising degree and ten years of experience as a Buyer/ Merchant, the knowledge and pure love I have for this business is nothing but real. As the website is being designed, I invite you to follow me on Facebook as I launch stage two of my career: Retail Consultant and Aspiring Blogger. It’s a complete work in progress, I am learning as I go. But it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Let’s get started!

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