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Four Threads

Today I am filling you in a personal secret...I am a huge card person. Simple, personal notes from friends and family make me incredibly happy. So when I receive an unexpected piece of mail from a vendor, I get pretty excited. A perfect example of this is Veronica at

Quick story: I, like most of the world, am obsessed with Etsy. I will probably have over 1000 favorites by Xmas but only ONE time did I receive a thank you note for favoring an item, and that was from Four Threads. I had clicked the heart button (as I often do) for a pair of crystal stud earrings and within hours Veronica had sent me an email. Something short and sweet, nothing crazy. She mentioned the earrings were best sellers and to contact her with any questions. Once I read the note I was hooked. I immediately purchased the earrings and emailed right back, letting her know that I was officially a fan.

The moral of the story is that small gestures, such as this, are worth your time- especially in retail. It’s a prime example of what can set you apart among hundreds of competitors vying for similar sales.

Truth be told, I loved those earrings (still do), the price was amazing (under $20) but I probably would NOT have bought them unless that note came through. Just a little something to remember as you begin your startup or brainstorm new ideas for customer retention.

And to Veronica at Four Threads…I am so grateful for the emails and the earrings. I look forward to buying more pieces from you and following your blog adventures. Best of luck, always.

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