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Brand Impact

A former colleague emailed me last night asking why my background wasn’t more focal on the site or social media. It was a great question but one I struggled to write down and then publish for all of Facebook to view. My original plan was to introduce each brand on it’s own, so writing a brief summary of my career and who I worked for did not pan out. I decided to focus on what they all had in common, from Sales Associate to Merchandise Manager, and what I came up with was impact.

Each one of the brands I worked for had a significant impact on me- whether I was dreaming, learning, failing or thriving. It may sound crazy to some but they are a part of who I am both personally and professionally. I feel nothing but grateful when I look down at the names below. Grateful for the roles I had within their organizations and mostly the people I met along the way. Obviously I would not be here without them. So a huge thank you to those who took a chance on me and most of all those of you who made me better. I am still growing, still learning, and still dreaming but because of you I have a pretty amazing head start.

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