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Definition of a Merchant

I get asked the following question a lot, given the title of the website. Thought it would be helpful to put it in writing...

Everyone thinks of a Merchant differently, how would you describe it?

The best part about being a Merchant (in the fashion industry) is that you are the “glue” that holds each season together. You get to have your hands in everything- which comes with a ton of responsibility. You not only have to know your business inside and out, but you must be able to communicate/ partner with various departments. Being a Merchant means that you understand the customer- you are reading and reacting to their buying patterns everyday. You are the one leading the team on next seasons strategy (from concept to in-store presentation) and you get to be the one dissecting the product line. A Merchant has to ensure that every aspect of the assortment- from the colorways to the pricing makes sense, is profitable, and differentiates from the competition…all while staying true to your brand. It’s not an easy job by any means but it’s incredibly rewarding. It allows someone (like me) to be both creative and financial while learning from talented individuals across the organization.

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