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My Why

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible women who were also bit by the entrepreneurial bug. Each one of them promoting or selling their brand to me, while I attempted to do the same thing for Merchant Inspired. I am not sure if you have ever tried to sell yourself in a thirty second summary but it is harder then you may think. I walked away from the event realizing that I had some homework to do.

Post lunch I immediately grabbed the computer and started writing. I was trying to articulate what makes my relationship with clients unique vs. other capable analysts. After several revisions and lots of over-thinking the answer was engagement. Anyone who studied business or worked in retail can become a consultant but the dedication, drive, and pure love for what I do sets me apart. I am not looking to show up, provide feedback and then walk away. I am hoping to be a partner, a guide, and an owner's biggest cheerleader.

I started consulting because I missed being a Merchant but the driving force is motivating others. Adding value to someone's day and being a tiny portion of their success is why I am here.

Lastly, a huge thank you to the women I met yesterday. I walked into that room filled with nerves and your encouragement meant the world to me.

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