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Magnolia Market

Two years ago I was introduced to a little show called Fixer Upper. A down-to-earth couple from Waco, Texas that was renovating homes with gorgeous farmhouse reveals, and making us smile along the way. Fast forward to today, and the stars of the show are more popular than most of Hollywood- with everyone across the country flocking to their Magnolia Market and Silo Bakery. For me, this was a bucket list destination and it did not disappoint. Let's dive in...

If you have seen the show, you know that Chip and Joanna Gaines purchased the 20,000-square-foot barn (with two grain silos) as a new location for their Magnolia store. However, over the past two years the team has created much more than a shop and bakery; it’s become an experience. One that speaks to their love for the Waco community and showcases their talent for construction and design. Every detail was thought through to ensure visitors not only stepped into Jo’s and Chip’s lifestyle- but they felt comfortable and happy within it. Yes, the bakery is everything you would expect it to be (as is the product being sold across the way)- but the outside swings, garden, picnic tables, and playful turf will keep you coming back. It’s not just about the shopping- it’s about family, the city of Waco, and taking in everything the Magnolia lifestyle has to offer.

The images below are more about the product and merchandising- as that’s my wheel house. T-shirts wrapped in twine, railroad striped aprons against subway tile, and antique dressers filled with metal accessories bring me nothing but joy. As always, Joanna incorporated that old-school aesthetic (which I personally love) and balanced it out with a modern assortment and welcoming environment.

After walking the grounds, ordering a cupcake (the Shiplap is amazing), and enjoying lunch by the food trucks, I can honestly say that I admire and respect Chip and Joanna even more. They took this vintage farmhouse property and made it their own- in a very consistent, thoughtful way. One that speaks volumes to their personality, talent, and passion.


A huge thank you to my family for taking the drive with me, and dealing with the constant clicks of my camera- hope you know I am nothing but grateful.

To the Gaines family and the team at Magnolia- congratulations on all of your success and best of luck always. Thank you for the constant inspiration and happiness you bring to your fans and community.

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